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Snake Repeller Outback MPPLUS PRO 4pc Quality Solar MultiPulse Ultrasonic Raidar

$119.00 $139.99


Snake Repeller Genuine Outback MPPRO 4pc Solar Multi-Pulse Set 


Key Features

  • Genuine No1 Australian professional snake repellers
  • Patented multi pulse does not allow snakes to become conditioned
  • High powered, high efficiency solar panel with on and off switch
  • Completely 100% safe around children and pets
  • Very effective against Australian snakes
  • Replaceable rechargeable batteries, uses standard AA size.   



Commercial quality professional Outback® branded Aussie snake repellers.
Out powers all other brands with the strongest ground pulse.
Perfect for protecting you and your family around the home, farm, camping and caravan.
Engineered for Australian conditions with quality UV stabilised solar panel
Easy installation, simple put in a sunny position and allow the rechargeable batteries to charge up.
Covers up to 2800 Square Metres in total, 25 to 30 metres per unit in diameter in all directions.
Breakthrough design, available exclusively from Outback® features constantly multi changing pulses, vibration and sound.
Unlike other models Outback® PRO multi-change pulse technology does not allow snakes to become resistant to ground pulsing.
Works through the day and night and is effective against all Australian snake varieties.
Completely 100% safe to use around children, pets, birds and livestock.
Simple to use with replaceable rechargeable batteries, external on/off switch and accessible battery compartment.  

Item Specifications

Quantity: 2x Twin Packs (total of 4 snake repellers)
Brand: Outback Aussie Snake Repellers
UV Stabilised: Yes
High Efficiency Solar Panel: Yes
Rechargeable AA Batteries Included: Yes
Replaceable Batteries: Yes
On and Off Switch for Charging: Yes
Height: 330mm
Warranty: 1 Year