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Rapid Loss Vanilla High Protein Meal Replacement Shake Weight Loss Man Lady 672g



Rapid Loss Vanilla High Protein Meal Replacement Shake 672g


Key Features

  • Genuine Rapid Loss High Protein, current fresh stocks
  • Ultimate weight and fat burning complex formula for muscle building
  • Premium quality ingredients with 30 grams of protein per serve
  • Perfect for post work outs, protein top ups and meal replacements
  • Easily digestible, great flavour and mixes smooth with ease, no more lumps.



Rapid Loss professional High protein mix, shred and burn protein promotes fat burning and builds lean muscle.
Perfect shake for the Man or Lady, much better taste and better formula than other shakes on the market.
Large size 672 gram packet, more economical than the small sachets from supermarkets.
Optimised protein powder providing you with a powerful blend of ingredients designed to support lean muscle goals.
Scientifically formulated using whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate in an advanced muscle shredding complex.
Mixes with ease for a smooth and delicious formula that tastes great.
Delivers essential nutrients and minerals to your body, can be used to replace whole meals.
High strength 30g of premium whey protein to trigger lean muscle development and growth.
Works hard to aid muscle tissue repair and post exercise recovery.
Packed with quality collagen, vitamins and minerals, probiotics and fibre.
This formula is professional strength with very low sugar and fat, yet very tasty and easy to digest.
Made in Australia and rated 5 stars by the Australian health star rating system.


Item Specifications:

Brand: Rapid Loss
Made in: Australia
Quantity: 1
Size: 672 Gram
Protein: 30 Gram (Per Serve)
Flavour: Vanilla