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Musashi Premium L Carnitine Weight Loss Fat Burner 50g Tasteless

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Musashi Premium L Carnitine Weight Loss Fat Burner 50g Tasteless


Key Features

  • Powerful L-Carnitine full strength amino acid shred complex
  • Easy to mix, smooth, tasteless and odourless micronised formula
  • Professional strength with a huge 3000mg per serve
  • Rapidly boost fat burning and lose weight
  • Provides strong energy without associated stimulates
  • Improves fatty acid transmission and fat to energy production.



Musashi PRO strength carnitine contains amino acids which absorb and metabolise dietary fats.
A powerful 3000mg concentrate of carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria converting it to energy.
Can be loaded and stacked to provide energy for muscle cells during periods of rapid growth.
Works hard and breaks down the fat stores, turning fatty acids into stores to be used as energy.
Powerful scientifically proven L-Carnitine shred complex, gets the fat melting off.
Great for stacking, pre, intra and post workout, this is the on the go solution.
Mixes very well and works in milks and juices, unlike other gritty carnitines.


Item Specifications

Brand: Musashi
Made: Australia/New Zealand
Quantity: One
Size: 50g
Carnitine: 3g per serve
Serves: 16