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Musashi BCAA 120 Capsules PRO Strength Big Muscle Growth Gains

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Musashi BCAA 120 Capsules PRO Strength Big Muscle Growth Gains


Key Features

  • Buy in bulk and save with the best price online guaranteed
  • BCAA's are the fuel & recovery powerhouse
  • Easy to take in a convenient capsule, no taste or odour
  • Professional strength with a huge 600mg of BCAA per serve
  • Rapidly boost muscle growth and endurance
  • Provides strong energy, while minimising on fatigue and soreness
  • Improves liver function and stops muscle wasting.



Buy in bulk and save with 2x Musashi BCAA bottles, for a total of 120 capsules.
Musashi BCAA contains a full spectrum of amino acids which absorb and metabolise dietary fats.
Can be loaded and stacked to provide energy for muscle cells during periods of rapid growth.
Hitting the weight room extra hard but struggling to see any muscle gains, you need BCAA's.
Easy and fast capsules are convenient and easy to take and fill up on essential BCAA's.
Packed full with quality amino acids that are the key to preventing muscle breakdown.
A professional strength serve with 600mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids in a 2:1:1 ratio.
Complete support for muscle protein stores, get the growth you want.
Perfect for muscle recovery, repair , growth and improving overall performance.
Minimises gym soreness and fatigue, letting you work harder, longer.


Item Specifications

Brand: Musashi
Made: Australia/New Zealand
Quantity: Two Bottles (total of 120 capsules)
Size: 60 Capsules per bottle
BCAA: 600mg per capsule