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Makita Genuine Cordless Tyre Inflator Pump with LED Light 18V Li-ion Tool Only



Makita Genuine Cordless Tyre Inflator Pump with LED Light 18V Li-ion


Key Features

  • 100% Genuine Makita® Portable Tyre Inflator Pump with LED Light
  • Unique Ergonomically Designed Rubber Grips & XPT eXtreme Protection
  • Comes with adaptors for inflatable toys and most valve stems
  • Heavy duty with auto off at selected pressures
  • Easy to read  back light LCD digital light up display
  • Powerful and easily inflates car and light truck tyres
  • Designed and engineered by Makita, we make tools not toys.



Genuine Makita® 18V Portable Tyre Inflator with Adaptors.
Makita built motor delivers up to 120psi, easily inflating car tyres, sporting equipment and more.
Features digital display screen with backlighting, allowing the user to easily select the desired air pressure.
Comes with an LED light for convenient use at night and for roadside emergencies.
Safety with quality auto-stop function automatically shutting down the tool when the desired pressure is reached.
Designed for inflating car, light truck tyres, sports equipment, bike tyres and more.
Onboard accessory storage accessories for various inflation points stored on the front of the housing for added convenience.
Main switch eliminates the risk of an unexpected start-up during transportation.
One finger trigger switch allows the operator to comfortably operate the tool.
Comes with adaptors including: Ball Adapter, Inflatable Toy Adaptor, British Adapter and French Adapter
Tool only, battery not included.


Item Specifications:

Brand: Genuine Makita®
Model: DMP180Z
Voltage: 18V
LED Light: Yes
BackLight LCD: Yes
Adaptors Included: Ball, Inflatable Toy, British and French Adapters
Max air pressure: 0.83MPa (121psi)
Discharge Volume: @0.7 MPa - 6.2L/min, @0.2 Mpa - 10L/min
Overall length: 266mm
Weight Approx: 1.1kg