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Makita Genuine Cordless Reciprocating Recipro Saw 18V Liion Demolition Tool Only

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Makita Genuine Cordless Reciprocating Recipro Saw 18V Liion Demolition


Key Features

  • 100% Genuine Makita® Tool-less blade change Reciprocating saw
  • Heavy duty motor, high power and high working efficiency
  • Perfect for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, trades for timber, metal & PVC
  • Pro crank mechanism provides increased stroke length and minimises vibration
  • Designed and engineered by Makita, we make tools not toys.



Genuine Makita® 18V Cordless Recipro saw.
Perfect for quick cuts in all kinds of timbers, plastics and metal.
Newly designed crank mechanism that provides an increased stroke length and minimises vibration.
Perfect for carpenters, plumbers, electricians and trades requiring a powerful tool to cut timber, metal and pvc.
Tool-less blade change just simply insert the blade for installation.
Blade removal can be done with a single action, no need to touch the blade.
Electric brake Quickly and efficiently slows the blade so the user can resume operation.
Two finger trigger for comfortable trigger use even when the saw is being used upside down.
Ergonomic designed grip to provide comfortable full control while minimising fatigue.
Built to last XPT eXtreme Protection Technology significantly increases tool life.
Takes standard recipro saw blades available at all hardware stores in Australia.


Item Specifications:

Brand: Genuine Makita®
Model: DJR186Z
Voltage: 18V
Capacities: Wood: 255mm, Pipe Diameter: 130mm
Length of Stroke: 32mm
Strokes Per Minute: 0 - 2,800spm
Length: 486mm
Weight: 3.8kg