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Crest Platinum Surge Device Protector Power Board 1 Single Socket Grounded LEDs

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Crest Platinum Surge Device Protector Power Board 1 Single Socket


Key Features

  • Crest Platinum branded surge and device protector
  • Triple layer protection from surges and fire damage
  • Ultimate MOV technology to protect your property and your family
  • Perfect for expensive fridges, freezers and other valuable appliances
  • Superior surge protection 1800 Joules and 6000V spike protection
  • Clean power noise filtration, and fire proof housing



Crest the ultimate in power protection for your entertainment and household appliances
Professional combination of our Fire Proof Self-Tripping Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs).
Fast acting thermal cut-outs with negative resistance components, protect from significant damage.
Saves appliances from potential fires that power issues such as surges can initiate.
Triple layer protection makes Crest Platinum protectors the fastest, safest defence against power issues that may cause electrical fires.
Crest Platinum utilises the safest MOV technology to protect your property and your family.
MOVs absorb excess energy caused by power issues such as surges and spikes.
These events cause heat and therefore the MOV is coupled with a sensitive thermal cut-out that will disconnect the circuit instantaneously.
The MOVs and thermal cut-outs are encased in a heat resistant silicone compound and a fire resistant enclosure to prevent fire.
Gas discharge tubes create negative resistance assisting the MOVs during sustained high voltage surges.
This allows voltage to flow until the excessive current has dissipated.
Superior protection, the ultimate power manager with surge protection.
Perfect for whitegoods, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers and microwave ovens.


Item Specifications

Brand: Crest
Model: PWU01905
Type: Surge Power Protector
Surge Protection: 1800 Joules
Spike Protection: 6000 Volts
MOV Fire Protection: Yes
Colour: White
Warranty - 1 Year