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Heller Air Purifier HEPA Purification Freshener Tower Fan

$235.00 $249.00


Heller Air Purifier HEPA Purification Freshener & Odour Cleaner

Key Features

  • Quality Heller branded air purifier
  • Premium finish in modern white
  • Cleans air, eliminates germs, smells and allergies
  • HEPA and professional carbon filtering with UV light shield
  • Portable and easy to use with timer.


Heller air purifiers truly live up to their name, with a perfect combination of beauty and cutting edge design.
Reduces 99.97% of particles with 5 stage air purification with true HEPA filter.
Perfect for cold and flu season with bacteria and viruses killed with UV Microbe Shield™ light.
True HEPA air filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne pollens, mould spores, dust mites, smoke, bacteria and household dust.
Quickly eliminates dust with pre-filter, smoke and odours with carbon filter.
The activated carbon filter layer will reduce household odours caused by pets, cooking, garbage and household chemicals.
Easy to use 8 hour timer and night mode for quiet.
Total germ destruction through interaction of UV-C light and titanium dioxide (TIO₂) all that is left behind is carbon dioxide and water.
Primary filter will easily pick up large particles like lint pet hair & fluff.

Item Specifications

Brand: Heller
Model: HAP120
Colour: White
True HEPA filter: Yes
5 Stage Air Purification: Yes
8 Hour Timer: Yes
Power: 240V
Size Approx: 69cm x 22.5cm x 16.8cm