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BBQ George Foreman Portable Indoor Outdoor Grill & Stand Barbecue



BBQ George Foreman Portable Indoor Outdoor Grill & Stand Barbecue


Key Features

  • Professional George Foreman® Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Grill
  • Heavy duty non stick cooking plate included
  • Removable stand allows for indoor benchtop cooking
  • Easy to use precise cooking control
  • All electric start up no need for matches or flames
  • Safety cut out mechanism with Australian standards approval.



The premium George Foreman® BBQ grill and stand makes cooking a breeze.
Indoor/outdoor feature, the BBQ grill easily removes from the base and can safely be operated on your kitchen bench.
Rain, hail or shine, the George Foreman® BBQ Grill will ensures you can easily make a family barbeque feast.
Comes with roasting hood to keep all those BBQ flavours and juices in.
Easily adjusts to the ideal temperature for cooking your favourite meals.
All electric makes cooking safe and easy, no more matches or lighters.
Safe for the whole family with safety cut out and fully approved by Australian standards.
Features removable quality non-stick ribbed cook plate grill.


Item Specifications

Brand: George Foreman®
Australian Standards Approved: Yes
Variable Control Temp: Yes
Cooking Plate: Yes
Hood: Yes
Stand: Yes
Approx Size: 540mmH x 296mmW x 270mmL
Warranty: 1 Year