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Who we are

We are a group of like minded individuals that came together a common goal.

  • To provide quality products, at the best price possible
  • To treat all of our valued customers equally and with respect
  • To offer free and fast delivery on every item*

So, this is normally where a business would go about telling you what they are really good at doing, we believe it is better to simply tell you what we do not do.

- We do not sell in any bricks and mortar stores.
- We do not advertise on radio or TV.
- We do not attend lavish seminars and expensive corporate meetings.
- We do not have robots packing our items, just human hands.
- We do not dodge taxes or mislead our buyers.
- We do not outsource any of our jobs to foreign counties at all.

So, why do we NOT do all of these things?

These are all unnecessary costs, by taking them out we can offer the best value in Australia and across the world.
Employing the best team in Australia, allows us to have the most knowledgeable and professional service.
By not listing every item in the world, we can handpick our product range, if the quality is not there that's simple we won't sell it.
It allows us to work on minimal margins and deal direct with the manufacturing factories.
Our vision was always to cut out the middle man completely and we are certainly on track to achieve this.
Unlike the big corporate retailers, we make the extra effort to travel to the factory and check our items before they are sent.

Did you know that most of the items bought from the corporate "Big" guys go through multiple businesses, all putting their percentages on the product before it arrives for sale in the retail store.
It is not uncommon for an item to have been sold four times before you, the actual consumer, purchases it from a retail store.

This is interesting..

Did you know that the two biggest eCommerce businesses in Australia don't even stock all their product in Australia, rather they wait for you to buy the product and then they order it from overseas.
This means for you the poor consumer, you are left waiting for an item to arrive from overseas that you in good faith thought was in Australia.
Your item is then classed as "grey market" or "parallel imported" which means that you as the buyer have huge issues with warranty and parts as the item model was not intended for sale in Australia.
These businesses also manage to dodge many Australian taxes, which really means at the end of the day they are ripping off you, the average Australian tax payer.

The Conclusion..

We keep it simple, is a small, tight, nimble team, a real family.
We listen to our buyers as individuals and if you have a suggestion we are always ready to hear it and to act on it.
We, WILL give you the value and range that you deserve without the greedy margins and dodgy import processes of these typical corporate retailers.

So Australia and the world, lets shake things up!
We hope you are ready to come along with us on the journey, it's just beginning.